Lightbulb Moments Cards

“Lightbulb Moments Cards” form part of the resources within Ei4Change online emotional intelligence courses.

Personal Transition Through Change

Download a copy of our illustration of the “Personal Transition through Change“ diagram devised by John M. Fisher. Originally presented at the Tenth International Personal Construct Congress, Berlin, 1999, this is the version modified in 2012.

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Personal Transition Through Change
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The Link between Psychometric Testing, Personality Profiling and Emotional Intelligence

Download this free White Paper.

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Emotional Intelligence White Paper
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Emotional Intelligence Framework

In his book “Working with Emotional Intelligence” (1998), Daniel Goleman identifies a series of competencies for each domain of his emotional intelligence framework.  Download a copy of the framework and the list of associated competencies.

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Emotional Intelligence Framework
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Goleman’s Leadership Styles

Daniel Goleman identifies a range of leadership styles and associated emotional intelligence competencies in his 2004 book “Leadership that gets results”.   The six styles are summarised in a chart available for download.

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Goleman’s Leadership Styles
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Emotional Intelligence and DISC Behavioural Styles

The DISC behavioural styles – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance – are widely recognised.  Each style has its own characteristic set of strengths and liabilities.  These impact on the expression of emotional intelligence depending upon circumstances. Download our infographic on high and low emotional intelligence with each style.

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Emotional Intelligence and DISC
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A Day of Mindfulness Poster

Download this free poster giving some tips and hints about practising mindfulness throughout the day.

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Mindfulness Poster
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